The Niagara Region is located in southern Ontario, occupying most of the Niagara Peninsula and bounded by the Niagara River, Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. Its verdant natural landscape makes this one of Canada’s most important centres for tourism and agriculture. 
The region receives up to 12 million visitors each year, with many coming to experience Niagara Falls, which form the border between Ontario and New York state. Visitors also come to experience the Niagara Wine Route, which showcases the region’s rolling vineyards and wine-making industry, and the town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, a historic district that has been designated a National Historic Site of Canada, and also the host of the annual theatre-focused Shaw Festival.
More than a popular tourist destination, Niagara comprises 12 distinct and well-established communities that are a combination of over 70 smaller cities, towns, villages and burrows. For those looking to move to the area, covetable Niagara real estate comes in a variety of lifestyle choices, ranging from picturesque rural areas and relaxed towns and villages, to lively urban cities such as St. Catharines, the region’s largest municipality. 
Those who live in Niagara experience the benefits of living in a region with diverse natural beauty that is complemented by safe neighbourhoods, multicultural and welcoming communities, and a real estate market that offers everything from luxurious waterfront homes, estates and condos, to rural vacation homes and farms, to some of the most affordable family and retirement homes in Ontario.


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